Levi visits Shipman Farms


Levi had to do an animal project in Mrs. Mears 3rd grade class and he picked “Chickens” of course! We would like thank Mrs. Darla Taylor her husband Bart and their son Cole for showing us around the farm! Mrs. Darla was so very patient with all of Levi’s questions and let Levi take a chicken home! Levi presented his project and was given a 101 A++ for his Project! The following photos were taken at Shipman Farms and in our yard on mainstreet :-)

Thank you so very much Ms. Darla!

and thank YOU! MRS. CAITIE MEARS for being such an inspiration to Levi.  We loved your project and we couldn’t thank you enough for allowing the children to explore a whole new world!

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” -unknown  ImageImageImageImageImageImage









Mallori & Kyle Engagement

This is Mallori and Kyle’s love story in Mallori’s words- enjoy~ 
Kyle and I met around Valentine’s day in 2009.  I was out with my girlfriends and he was out with his friends. He came up to me while I was waiting to get a drink and handed me a rose.  I laughed and smiled at him, and I didn’t get his name.  We had mutual friends and met again a few weeks later but we were both seeing other people at the time.  We instantly became good friends, and about a month after that things fell perfectly in place.  Two months after we had been dating, I knew he was the one.  While we were in Destin with friends, he told me he loved me and was going to marry me one day.  Of course we were still young and I had just started nursing school and Kyle was waiting to start his new job at the Chevron Refinery.  Four years later he proposed in the same spot in Destin, on a 72 foot yacht, while we were watching the fireworks on the 4th of July.  

Dancing on a Monday~

 “I want the viewers to be moved into the lives of the people that they are looking at, the visual experience is incredibly emotional.” Paul Fusco
. “I love the people I photograph. I mean, they’re my friends. Ive never met most of them or I don’t know them at all, yet through my images I live with them.” – Bruce Gilden

 “I have the great privilege of being both witness and storyteller. Intimacy, trust and intuition guide my work.” – Jim Goldberg

 “I’m very open to any visual conceits and any possibilities at my disposal to be better explain to people the ideas I’m exploring.” – Tim Hetherington

 “I am not an artist. I am an image creator.” – Sonja FosheeImageing 

Dailee & Trent’s Engagement

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This lovely couple will be united in Marriage on January 3rd,  2015

This is a small clip from their session. They met at George County High School where Dailee was a cheerleader and Trent played football…Dailee had a brilliant idea to do the photo session where they met! I absolutely  loved the scenes set up for me to do my job!

©Sonja Foshee


Lauren & Tyler (Gardner) Mizell

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©Sonja Foshee   ©Carlos Prieto          #sonjafoshee.wordpress.com

Oh what a beautiful day for a Wedding! March 1st, 2014

The weather called for 90 percent rain this day however, God smiled on this happy couples outdoor wedding and changed all that!
Thank you for letting me apart of this beautiful union.

This is their Love Story in Lauren’s words:
Tyler and I started dating when we were seniors in high school. We
did everything together. We became best friends. Tyler showed me his
love for hunting and fishing, and I began to love it too. It did not
take long for us to realize that God made us for each other. We never
argued about anything, life was so easy together. We survived five
years of college together. The week before my last final in college,
Tyler popped the big question. I was so surprised! I started planning
immediately. Eleven months after he proposed and a little over six
years since we began dating; we got married. It was the best day of
my life. It was truly a dream wedding. I know we will always be
together because we try our best to keep God in the center of our
relationship. Now, every day I get to come home to my best friend,
and I could not imagine life being any more perfect.

We chose Sonja Foshee and her team to be our photographer for our wedding simply
because she is the best! She is the most creative and most original
photographer I have ever seen. She helped make our special day even
better because now we have amazing pictures to remember every detail
of that great day!

Mark & Mary’s Wedding by ©Sonja Foshee

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A 30-passenger turbo prop departing from the Hattiesburg – Laurel Regional Airport set the stage for a real love story. Mark was taking his son to NYC, and Mary was headed to a meeting in Indianapolis. A promised post card and handwritten letter were the beginnings of a relationship built on trust, commitment, and grace. Over five years later, they celebrated their marriage at St. Peter’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Gulfport, MS, on February 8, 2014.
I am among all men most richly blessed to witness the union of my brides and grooms new lives together. I am thankful they trust me to capture a tiny glimpse of the Wedding Day~

Ceremony Location: St. Peter’s By the Sea Episcopal——- Reception Location: The Chimey’s Both Locations Gulfport, MS

Video: Trevor Clary of TLC Productions 228-217-3434

Second Photographer: Keepsake Photography, Wiggins, MS—— Sonja Shamblin


The Fundamentals Of Digital Photography Class

Fundamentals of Digital Photography -
Instructor: Sonja Foshee, Professional Photographer
Starting Tuesday Nights February 18th
4 Tuesday nights 18th-March 11th.
then a second class will start for 4 Tuesday nights
March 18th – April 8th
Time: 6-8pm
DO NOT CALL ME TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE- I work for the campus and Lea can answer all questions and registrations.
Learn How to use your camera- This is for moms who want to take better photos with their equipment and for the amateur who hopes to learn how to take better photos.
Hope to see you in class!
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